Switch UP Sports Drink

Packed and ready to go!

Switch has brought joy to South African consumers with their varied and affordable product line and are proud to announce a new product that has been years in the making. Switch Up is a sports drink like you’ve never seen before – gone are the days of sports drinks with limited variety. Switch Up is available in 7 delectable flavours, some of which Switch lovers will recognise immediately: Orange Bubblegum, Dry Lemon, Strawberry & Banana, Mango & Peach, Turkish Delight, and two brand new flavours Naartjie & Grape and Tropical.

This caffeine-free drink will tantalise the tastebuds and keep users hydrated and feeling fresh. Switch UP sports drink is designed to meet the needs of a unique and diverse market, taking hydration to a whole new level.

Level up with the new Switch Up range, available nationwide.

About Switch

The Alternative Power (Pty) Ltd, a proudly South African company, has been breaking boundaries with Switch since 2014, bringing a demanding and diverse market an out of this world taste experience, all while boosting energy levels and keeping the market going.

Owning the game with a distinctive product range that is uncompromising in ingredients, flavour and style. Switch only uses world class syrups and the best local ingredients, packaged in the funkiest designs – more is more and with this kind of no-holds-barred attitude, Switch stands out in the crowd, there simply is no better alternative!

The Alternative Power not only offers its own diverse products, but also manufactures and develops private label flavours and brands to suit client needs.

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